Hi, I am Shreans,

You may know me as a successful business entrepreneur, a philanthropist, Vice-chairman of Pyramid Valley International, Executive Director of Thriive Art and Soul and propagator of Quantum Life University.

But most importantly, I am a spiritual being on a mission to empower and transform lives of as many fellow beings I meet on my journey.

A happily married man with two wonderful children, I have applied the best of spiritual and scientific wellness tools to improve my experience of life. I have acquired these tools from the best of meditation and consciousness practitioners from around the world.

With all the learnings and knowledge, I have taken it upon myself to spread the power of manifestation to as many people as possible through meditation.

Post the awakening, meditation became a cosmic breakfast that fed my soul.

Life had taken a turn - wants and needs, which were just in thoughts earlier, began to manifest themselves into my mind and I found myself filled with a new vigour to achieve my dreams, backed by meditation techniques learnt from Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji and from the expertise of Dr. Newton. For more than two decades, I have immersed myself in the spiritual space, conducting more than 20 on-ground events and workshops. After the onset of the pandemic, I have shifted my workshops sessions online - Empowering over 40000 participants to date. In this endeavor to spread the wisdom, I am accompanied by Rushabh Sheth & Varun Daga, who delved deep into the science and have experienced the benefits of the practice of meditation.


At the age of 20, I co-founded and became the Vice-chairman of one of India’s meditation marvels – the Pyramid Valley International in Bangalore, in collaboration with Brahmarshi Patriji.

PYRAMID VALLEY INTERNATIONAL - today stands apart in the degree of contribution it makes to humanity. The pristinely beautiful valley houses a mega pyramid which can accommodate 5000 meditators together, serves free meals (annadaana), housing a spiritual library apart from pocket friendly finely designed buildings and convention centres.

QUANTUM LIFE UNIVERSITY - Newton Kondaveti, the world renowned proponent of Past Life Regression, has conceptualized Quantum Life University. I have been actively involved in spreading the message about the concept. Newton calls me an associate from many lives; and I abide by that sentiment in its true spirit. Quantum Life University envisions a world awakened by innate wisdom transcending the realms of the current states of humanity.

THRIIVE ART & SOUL - I have also established Thriive Art & Soul, as the Executive Director, with my wife Pinky Daga. Thriive Art & Soul is a holistic wellness online portal that connects Healers and Seekers, benefitting almost 2 million registered users every year across the world.


Associates & friends that empowered the journey of Shreans Daga’s spiritual growth.