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About Shreans Daga Foundation

Shreans Daga Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to be your companion on the journey of self-empowerment, healing and manifestation.

Through the Shreans Daga Foundation, Shreans Daga and Varun Daga, along with Kaushik Daga and Rushabh Sheth hope to act as a catalyst for your spiritual awakening, growth and success. To guide and empower. To unlock the treasure within you. To inspire in you an awareness so powerful, that you joyfully and easily create the reality you desire. To give you the tools, knowledge, information and experiences that will unleash the infinite possibilities within you.

The purpose of the Shreans Daga Foundation is to bring Science and Spirituality together, with a mission to guide you to recognise your own inner power to empower yourself and create your own reality.

Together, let’s welcome this new dimension of change, celebrate life, and open up the pathways of your boundless inner potential. 


India’s No.1 Holistic Mental Wellness platform, that connects you to the top-most curated and verified mental health therapists. Along with regular Counselling and Life Coaching services, Thriive offers a unique combination of Holistic Mental Wellness therapies, which include Tarot Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Emotional Freedom Technique and Inner Child Healing.

Shreans is the Chairman of Pyramid Valley International, a not-for-profit spiritual organisation in Bangalore, which houses a one-of-a-kind high-energy vortex pyramid for meditation, serving individuals, societies and organisations in their quest for self-realisation.

The mega-pyramid constructed in this pristine beautiful valley accommodates 5000 meditators together. Free meals (annadaana) and economically priced accommodation facilities are provided to one and all.

Newton Kondaveti, the world-renowned proponent of Past Life Regression, has conceptualised Quantum Life University. Shreans is actively involved in introducing hundreds of people to Past Life Regression Therapy. Newton calls Shreans an ‘associate from many lives’ – and Shreans abides by that sentiment in its true spirit. Quantum Life University envisions a world awakened by innate wisdom transcending the realms of the current states of humanity.